Electro-Yarn the "world's first" conductive thread

Electro-Yarn: Introduced by Marubeni America Corporation as the "world's first" conductive thread, Electro-Yarn is a polyester multifilament, multi-walled carbon nanotube.


Electro-Yarn: Introduced by Marubeni America Corporation as the "world's first" conductive thread, Electro-Yarn is a polyester multifilament, multi-walled carbon nanotube. Each individual filament in the multifilament yarn has been thoroughly coated with carbon nanotubes. The robust network of circuits allow for the maintenance of high conductivity even through extreme expansions and contractions of the yarn. Electro-Yarn exhibits little change in electrical resistance, without compromising yarn durability. Because Electro-Yarn is lighter weight and has a larger surface area compared to metallic wires, the electrical resistance of Electro-Yarn is maintained throughout the entire length of the yarn, and the surface heating is exponentially faster than that provided by metal wires. While end-use application development is still in the early stages, Electro-Yarn can potentially be used in the following applications: Electrically functional outerwear (heating and signal); electrical shoe heaters; as a signal/power line for body sensors; and for built-in wiring in tents.

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