Our laboratory is equipped to carry out all types of tests on fabrics from fire retardant tests to water resistances up to breathability.
Today the company is able to provide a long list of processes:

  • Hot melt / extruded polyurethane coupling in two-gram spindle cylinders (12 gr./mq e 25 gr./mq)
  • Foam lamination (with expanded polyurethane foam burnt in various thicknesses)
  • Coating coated on paper (windstop, a windrproof film is created between coupled fabrics)
  • Coupling with thermoadhesive films in polyurethane, ethylene and web)
  • Coupled with high pressure polyurethane film
  • Water – soluble lamination
  • Couplings with breathable windproof membranes
  • Design resins and lamination

All this on every type of fabric.


Fabrics ennobling

Nobilizing a textile material means attributing to it:

  • Color
  • Tactile effects
  • Performance behaviors
  • Designs / aesthetic reasons
All this happens through the application of chemicals in water and mechanical actions

  • Caledering
  • Lamination
  • Under glass
  • Application to drawing


  • Flame
  • Hot melt
  • A film
  • Wet
  • With membranes
  • Water soluble
  • Windproof
  • Transpirant


  • A lama
  • Cylinder
  • Impregnation
  • Hydrophilic treatments
  • hydrophobici
  • Total of on one side only

Accoppiatura Pratese

Since 1963, innovation and technology in textile copying