Company founded in 1973

Our history

Accoppiatura Pratese is an Italian company, today a consolidated reality also in Europe. We love the world of fabrics in its incredible diversity, we also proudly face a radical change, increasingly taking into consideration the usefulness of recyclable materials for new productions. We work with the best textile and apparel industries, making the most of technological developments in the production of fabrics and substitute materials towards new lines, shapes and colors, but also towards an acceleration of innovation.

We will soon arrive in simpler words to develop products made exclusively from organic materials and therefore 100% biodegradable.

Our processing

Company founded in 1973

sectors in which we operate



Workwear and shoes

Shoes accessories

Active weare

Forniture Industriali


APlab is our internal laboratory created to perform tests on materials under study and construction according to the required technical specifications. In APlab it is possible to simulate the production process for the composition of special samples for your creations.


Our mission

Our mission has always been the quality of the service offered. We love to always respect our commitments and we accept with passion new challenges even the most complex.
Constant dynamism and precision in the management of our 20 lamination lines, are the basis for the creation and production of special fabrics and truly sophisticated motorcycle fabrics, we do this every day to meet the evolving and increasingly complex needs of fashion.
All this can only happen thanks to our highly qualified staff that we have always trained internally. Success in our work we owe it to the experience and sensitivity of our employees, the people who work with us know that every job has its history and its rules.
Innovation accompanies our lives daily, very closely, but technology is not only coldness, it can also be a warm high-tech cashmere sweater or an ultra-performing shoe.

Accoppiatura Pratese

Since 1963, innovation and technology in textile copying