The technology can also be present in what we wear, in the fabrics that receive treatments and finishes that give simple garments innovative properties.

APlab is our internal laboratory created to perform tests on materials under study and construction according to the required technical specifications. In APlab it is possible to simulate the production process for the composition of special samples for your creations

The top international brands of fashion, sport and even aerospace agenices have found in APLAB a very precious collaborator.

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Active is the word we love to use in recent years

Experimentation in fabrics has created incredibly efficient and innovative materials.

Leader in the field of textile innovation APLAB is the soul of Accoppiatura Pratese where we have been carrying out all the tests we have done and the results we obtained. We test protective support fabrics in the medical-orthopedic field, we want to guarantee innovative and customized performances for every need.
We are constantly looking and more and more technological to seek maximum protection from the wind, water, dirt, fire even from a network of a network of electromagnetic waves.

APLab - research and innovation in fabrics

The combination of fashion and technology has thus become the driving element of a constantly evolving system, all of this can only be satisfied by an offer of increasingly competitive and innovative products
APlab is used to test new applications, new products, and quality controls, both on raw materials (resins and chemicals) and on finished fabrics.

Le nostre attrezzature ci permettono di eseguire:

Lab dips for control and verification of coating resins through our pilot coating machine.

Lab dips through fouling impregnation (padding lab)

Screen printing tests (wet printing)

Air permeability test, (air tronic permeability)

Control of resistance to the water column (hydrostatic head tester)

Dynamometric control of the cohesion between tissues (Strenght tester)

In this way, innovaton is the most responsible, winning and competitive choice to offer the market eco -sustainable and quality articles for a fashion that looks to the future. There are always alternatives, just lookf for and invest in them.

Accoppiatura Pratese

Since 1963, innovation and technology in textile copying